Not only is our programming language SPEL+ very powerful but also easy to learn and use.

We speak an easy language: SPEL+

The line-based SPEL+ script language specially developed by Epson is not only powerful but also easy to learn.
Its range of commands enables you to program a very wide range of robot motions – from a simple pick & place application to complex multi-manipulator line control.


Complete high language SPEL+

Fast and secure

SPEL+ is translated into a robot code by a compiler. This is carried out faster than using an interpreter and the  syntax can also be checked before the program is run.

More flexibility

The extensive range of comments for various applications means short programming time with many fewer errors.  You can add your own commands using the SPEL+ syntax.

Clearly structured

In addition to program structure commands you can also use sub-program techniques, multi-tasking and interrupt commands to write programs which are easy to read and easy to enhance and expand.


Whether it is for easy handling of inputs and outputs, communication via the serial TCP/IP port or exchange data in a field bus system – SPEL+ minimises the programming work.

Intuitive to learn

SPEL+ has no cryptic codes and uses real values.

Simple to transfer

SPEL+ syntax can be transferred to various .Net products. It also has an interface to Labview.



Simple program example Jump3 — particularly suitable for 6-axis robots

Even complex pallet positions can be easily set up and executed by means of the Pallet command. You save time and gain safety since not every single net must be teached.

In addition to PTP (point-to-point), LINEAR MOTIONS, CP (continuous path) and more, SPEL+ also covers a series of other commands such as JUMP or PALLET.



Features & advantages

  • Line-oriented, structured and intuitive high-level language for fast program execution
  • Integrated source code debugger
  • Syntax Colouring
  • Macro and label editor
  • Safety and fl exibility e.g. due to integrated error handlers and programmable reaction to Interrupt condition
  • Easy data backup
  • Online help
  • All manuals online

We make it easy for you!

Upon input of e.g. motion and I/O statements, known labels are displayed in drop-down menus so that programming is considerably easier.

With the F1 help key known from Windows, you can access a comprehensive help system. Every command has its parameters.
Apart from that, links to related commands and examples which can be copied into your project with copy and paste are displayed.

Epson RC+ Simulator

Epson RC+ Simulator
So that you know beforehand
what you will need later



Epson RC+ v7.0.5 Trial
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Epson RC+ v5.4.5 Trial
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Simulator Video
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