Epson SCARA G6-451S

Tech Specs

DesignSCARA (4 axis robot)
Payloadnom. 3 kg, max. 6 kg
Reach horizontal450 mm
Reach VerticalJ3: 180 mm
Reach OrientationJ4: +/- 360 °
Repeatability Horizontal+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatability VerticalJ3: +/- 0,01 mm
Repeatability OrientationJ4: +/- 0,005 °
Max. range of operationJ1: +/- 152 °, J2: +/- 147,5 °, J3: 180 mm, J4: +/- 360 °
Max. Operating SpeedJ1,J2: +/- 6.440 mm/s, J3: +/- 1.100 mm/s, J4: +/- 2.400 °/s
Moment of Inertianom. 0,01 kg*m², max. 0,12 kg*m²
User Wires Electric1x D-Sub 9 pin, 1x D-Sub 15 pin
Z-axisØ Outside: 14 mm
Insertion force150 N
Product weight27 kg
ControllerEpson RC180, Epson RC620 / RC620+
Mounting optionPedestal
IP protection classIP20
Power and signal cable3m, 5m, 10m, 20m
What's in the box2 Sets of mounting brackets for the robot controller (RC180), Back-up disc of the robot controller (RC180), Connector for standard I/O, Emergency stop connector, Epson RC+ program CD including simulation software, Epson robot and controller, Grease for shaft (50 g), Installation/safety manual, Mouse and keyboard (for RC620), Power and signal cable (3 m), Set of connectors for user wiring, TP/OP bypass plug (installed before shipment), USB programming cable (for RC180)