Epson ProSix C4-A901S (C4L)

Faster, slimmer, stronger

Compact and flexible six-axis robot, with impressive reach and payload capabilities, as well as reduced vibration.

Epson ProSix C4-A901S (C4L)

Reduced vibration for better performance
C4-Series robots use revolutionary QMEMS sensor technology to drastically reduce vibration, improving production speeds while maintaining quality.

Perfection is within reach
Thanks to a very slim arm design, these robots can reach up to 900mm without taking up much space, but can still lift up to 4kg.
Keeping you in control The Epson ProSix C4 can be controlled with the RC700-A controller, which can control several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.
  • Especially useful within narrow workspaces
  • Floor, wall, ceiling and sunken mounting are possible
  • QMEMS technology allows faster, more accurate operation
  • Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Impressive lifting capability without added weight or bulk

Product versions

Epson ProSix C4 Seriesnom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg600 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A601S
Article-No.: R11N101001
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg600 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A601C (C4)
Article-No.: R15S103001
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg600 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A901C (C4L)
Article-No.: R11N02Y00K
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg900 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A601CR (C4)
Article-No.: R11N02Y00D
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg600 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A601SR (C4)
Article-No.: R11N02Y001
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg600 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A901CR (C4L)
Article-No.: R11N02Y007
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg900 mm
Epson ProSix C4-A901SR (C4L)
Article-No.: C4A901SR
nom. 1 kg, max. 4 kg900 mm