Small Portions, Maximum Capacity Utilisation

Automation of butter portion packaging for use in hotels, restaurants or the catering industry

Small portions, maximum capacity utilisation

Application: Packaging & palletising
Product: Butter
Industry:: Food and beverage industry
Epson robot:: Epson 6-axis robots C3


Initial situation/task

To significantly increase the capacity of its production line, the Chilean company was planning to automate the packaging of butter portions as they are used in hotels, restaurants or the catering industry. At the same time, the strict hygiene and quality requirements of the food industry must be observed. Short cycle times, high levels of flexibility and limited space also had to be taken into account. Two Epson 6-axis robots C3 were selected for this task.


The concept for the automatic serial production comes from the Questt Group in Argentina. The two compact and fast Epson 6-axis robots C3 work in a stand-alone packing station without manual handling, precisely and reliably in 24-hour operation. In this respect, the line is flexible. Butter portions are supplied in various dosages for different customers and must be packed in individual boxes.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased productivity through dispensing with manual activities
  • High flexibility as compared with hard automation
  • Compliance with all strict hygiene requirements of the food industry