Filling, Labelling and Control of Hypodermic Syringes

Use of extremely fast and compact Epson 6-axis robots C3 at MR Pharma Laboratories

Filling, labelling and control of hypodermic syringes

Application: Packaging & palletising
Customer: MR Pharma Laboratories
Product: Hypodermic syringes
Industry:: Medical/Pharma
Epson robot:: Epson 6-axis robots C3



Initial situation/task

The company MR Pharma Laboratories in Buenos Aires, Argentina, needed a fully automated system that works around the clock with the highest precision and efficiency and entirely without requiring human manpower. The different tasks involved in the process – filling of hypodermic syringes, labelling, and quality control – are to be taken over by a space-saving stand-alone system equipped with an Epson 6-axis robot.



The concept for the automatic serial production comes from the Questt Group in Argentina. In its quest for a solution, the company decided to rely on the extremely fast and compact Epson 6-axis robot C3.

The robot assumes the complete handling process for the hypodermic syringes. This includes quality control, filling of the injection solution into the syringes, labelling and correct positioning.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Completely automated process
  • Execution of various work processes
  • High efficiency
  • Precise filling, even of small quantities