Epson SCARA and 6-Axis Robots Speed up Product Testing

Mechanical and visual testing of components for electronic steering axle systems at ima-tec GmbH

Epson SCARA and 6-Axis Robots speed up product testing

Application: Testing, measuring, controlling
Customer: ima-tec GmbH
Product: Components for electronic steering systems
Industry:: Automotive
Epson robot:: Epson SCARA robot G3
Epson 6-axis robot C3


Initial situation/task

In the new assembly, testing and measuring cell, the robots have to perform a mechanical and visual test on a total of 25 measuring points of electronic steering axle system components within only 13 seconds. At the same time, space for this is only limited.


Two Epson SCARA G3 and one Epson 6-axis robot series C3 test and process two different injection moulded components with integrated punched grids. An Epson SCARA robot G3 performs an accurate measurement of the metal contacts on one level. In the process, it tests each single measuring point through axial touching within only fractions of a second. Measurement is carried out exclusively from the top because the first injection moulded part has no functional dimensions on the bottom part. In parallel to the first test, another Epson SCARA robot inspects the top and bottom side of the next injection moulded part, both radially and axially.

The collected data are simultaneously transmitted to the central database in which the detailed evaluation takes place. Due to its reduced deadload and the optimised weight distribution of all components, the Epson SCARA robot G3 can boast excellent dynamic characteristics. This contributes to a significant reduction of the line cycle times.

At the third testing station, the Epson 6-axis robot C3, equipped with an industrial camera, moves to measuring points which could not be recorded mechanically in the upstream testing stations. With the help of the red LED ring light, the central quality features can be identified without contact.

The Epson controller RC180 is used for the programming of the robots. Its reliable and intuitive interface allows for the fast programming and teaching of even the most complex applications. The evaluation of the collected data with detailed information on levels, angles and intervals is performed by the in-house ima-tec software on the system’s master computer. Besides the control function, it also displays inter alia the statistical evaluation of specific error features. This way, error sources can be reliably identified and removed with pinpoint accuracy.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Compact, space-saving system with 3 measuring stations
  • Mechanical and visual testing of 25 measuring points within only 13 seconds
  • Fast programming and intuitive operability through Epson controller RC180
  • Statistical error evaluation possible

Der Epson 6-Achs-Roboter ProSix C3 im ultraschnellen Einsatz

Epson 6-axis robot C3
Epson 6-axis robot C3 in extremely fast operation: pinpoint, powerful and reliable.


Hoch effiziente Prüfroboter von Epson

Epson testing robots
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SCARA- und 6-Achs-Roboter von Epson

Epson 6-axis robots
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